Thursday, March 03, 2005

Please crosspost From Sandy Parker Reports-"PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS: Singer-actress-designer JENNIFER LOPEZ is now in the fur business as a result of a collaboration with SAGA FURS OF SCANDINAVIA. Her first collection was showcased along with her SWEETFACE ready-to-wear line as the finale of the recent Seventh-on-Sixth Fashion Week in New York. Her designs were interpreted in fur techniques developed by Saga and produced in New York, mostly in blue and silver fox and mink. The collection will be retailed in the U.S. by the MAXIMILIAN salons in Bloomingdale’s beginning in June. It also will be sold in Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia...."I've been getting a few emails from people who want to write to her- this is what I found-JLO / eFashion Solutions80 Enterprise Avenue SouthSecaucus, NJ 07094Phone: 1-866-535-1796 (toll free! keep the number in your wallet and call her as much as you want! it costs her money every time!)9am-9pm m-f, 10am-5pm satPhone (International): 1-201-601-4299, Press '0' for Customer ServiceSend JLO a free electronic Fax - click here!Fax Anytime: 1-201-617-8686 (scroll down to see how to send free online faxes)Email form: PLEASE DONT BUY HER MUSIC, MOVIES, CLOTHES, BOYCOTT HER AND LET KNOW HOW DISAPPOINTED YOU ARE THAT SHE WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THE INEXCUSABLE PAIN AND SUFFERING THAT SO MANY ANIMALS ARE PUT THROUGH EVERY DAY FOR FASHION. LIFE IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!After watching this you really can't tell me your not going to spend at least an hour of your time on the phone, or online e-mailing/faxing this bitch. Remember: Nothing illegal :)Easiest way to send electronic fax:Use this webform, Plug this code into the "To" section of your email:""ex:""That's right, send a fax to JLO wasting her paper and ink that she makes off of the blood of dogs and mink by plugging""into your email program(s). Or simply click here to email her using your default email programThere is a way to send pictures, but I think you have to read the instructions how - are you waiting for? Get off the fucking computer and give her a good ass-kicking! (Unless your emailing or electronically faxing her -

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