Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I don't know what I expected from the NY Post. But I can unravell this really poor hypothesis in a few sentences here. First, the main point seems to be that Hunter Thompson's family were acting strange after they found his body with a good portion of the head blown off. Break that sentence down and tell me there's anything surprising about it. Second, the author of the article shows off how he knows dick about firearms. He says almost the opposite of what the actual police report says. Third, his suggestion that the police were incompetent or half assing it is absurd. Cops keep their asses well covered in any celebrity investigation. They're as thorough as they can be because they know the eyes of the world are on them. It's hard to believe that Aspen, one of the richest communities on the west half of our country, wouldn't know this. We're not talking about some backwoods hick community with ham fisted cops. Thompson writing a cryptic word on his typewriter shouldn't surprise anyone either. Also, just the nature of Thompson meant that people were going to make up whatever they could about his death. I'd be willing to put money on when Paul Krassner dies in his 90s of natural causes the articles will come out about the government developing undetectable drugs that stop one's heart and how men in business suits were seen walking near Krassner's house after he died.
And finally, this a large part of why I approach the subject of celebrity the way I do. Isn't it interesting how the people who would claim to be fans of someone turn out to be the most disrespectful of same?

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