Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'll put this out there now and around the third week of Feburary I'll probably plead with desperation about it so much that you'll get sick of it and stop reading this for a few weeks.
I'm going to need a room mate for the new house starting in March.
You'll get the larger bedroom, a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom. There's a fridge, a washing machine and drier and all kind of other things too. It's $350 a month plus shared utilities. It might be $375 if you want to bully me into letting you have the Spooky Old Barn as your space too, but I'm open to the idea. I'll let you move in the last week in Feburary and not charge you for the few days before March if you'd like (I'm ccol like that. You could live rent free for a few days if you want to save me from my pickle of having bitten off more rent than I can continue to chew.)
Room mate needs to be able to deal with an eccentric, but a nice one. I'll wash dishes and I won't throw loud parties (and won't mind if you do on occasion,) but I might be sitting in the front room making sock monkeys when you bring friends over.
March. Think about it.
I figure like a billion people on the planet are now on line. Out of those I'm sure at least 5 or 6 people probably read this thing. 5 or 6 people, you've got to know someone in Northern California, or know someone who knows some on in Butte County. Or maybe you've considered moving to Butte County yourself. If not, now's the time. Live in The House of Leaves with me. See beautiful Chico, home of The Chico Outlaws, this coast's almond farms, and the heroin that killed that guy from Sublime.
Help a guy out this March. I need a room mate. That is all.

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