Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Here's a quote by Jonathan Carroll I found on his website and it knocked the wind out of me. Everyone should be reading Jonathan Carroll. He might be my favorite author of the moment. This quote gives you an idea why. He writes whole books that read like this.

"Men generally regard women as cartoons: Funny, colorful, loud, and being with them reminds you of how much fun and wonder you knew as a child.
Men see other men as documentaries: Serious, informative, essentially dull after a few minutes.
Women generally regard men as cartoons : Ridiculous, exaggerated, and they run around accomplishing little. But being with them is fast, amusing, and a nice way to waste time.
Women see other women as documentaries : Educational, sometimes you wish you could go where they're describing (but not really), typically about exotic creatures you like to look at but wouldn't want in your life.
What would you rather watch-- POPEYE or a film about the migration habits of otters?"

Now go read a copy of Sleeping in Flame.

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