Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If you go here and click on "news" you can read Nicki Jaine's tour diary from the Black Tape for a Blue Girl Halo Star West Coast Tour.


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Monday, September 27, 2004

I know I usually post pro-PETA things. I like PETA because they make me laugh a post-apocalyptic absurdist kind of way. Plus I like animals. But this article is one of the first things I've read by them that really made me wish they'd provided more information.
Who is the city of Miami rounding up chickens for to be ritually sacrificed? It sounds like a terribly un-Florida thing to do. Maybe I should move to Florida and there I could practice whatever screwed up religion I wanted to and the city will provide me with materials.


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Finally! A political party that speaks to me. I was really freaked out as to what I was going to do this election. Part of me said I should vote for the guy who wasn't Bush, part of me said I should vote for the person who would do the most damage to our nation and therefore bring the revolution on. Those conflicting parts were ripping me in half.
Problem solved!
So for those of you that haven't registered yet, there's still some time left.


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