Thursday, June 03, 2004

Poor neglected blog. Didn't even warn people that I'd be terribly busy this week.
Well, I'll do my best to blog about how busy I was when I have time tomorrow afternoon. There are film reviews to come as well. Two or three of them. One good, one mixed and one I'm still digesting.
I would talk about it all right now but I'd rather sleep about it all. Besides, if I tried to talk about it all I'd be here indefinitely, eh what?

Oh, give me a break. It's hot and I'm tired.

Monday, May 31, 2004

When I woke up my radio alarm clock was playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Which was kind of a nice way to start Memorial Day. As far as American patriotic songs go it's one of my favorites. I also like This Land Is Your Land and Stars and Stripes Forever. I don't care for our national anthem because I thinks it's too slow and solemn and doesn't really capture the American spirit in my opinion. I think the one that's a rewrite of God Save the Queen is in poor taste. I think America the Beautiful is maudlin. Although I like Irving Berlin's God Bless America because it's maudlin. Sorry if I contradict myself. I'm vast and contain multitudes, or so I'm told.
And it is Walt Whitman's birthday today too.
Today Pat and I chopped down a tree that was shading over our garden and which didn't offer any kind of fruit or good thing. It just blotted the sun from our garden. We found an earwig nest in the stump and we went at it with the chainsaw. I think we only suceeded in displacing them.
We all went swimming this afternoon and had hot dogs. It's the first time I swam, I think, since Leandra, Brandon and Jago used to have swim parties at their apartment complex back in my early days at Chapman. Back when I was drinking alone every night, but only moderately at that point. Those were good days, but also very armored days.
Today I learned that I've lost that control I used to have when I dive into water to keep water from flying up my nose into my mouth and lungs. But I swam for a little over an hour and it was a great afternoon. My shoulders are a nice shade of pink. Lovely. I can get a whiff of summer a couple of times a day. Soon I'll pop on the Vivaldi as I stick to the vinyl of this very chair.
The latest Lovespirals album is also good summer music. I don't like to classify music by moods or weather though. I think that cheapens it.
Contadicting myself left and right tonight. Maybe it's time to start writing poetry again.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Okay. Let's see. I'm not going to talk about the date I decided. I don't talk about those things. But it's good because it's the first date I've had in too long of a time.
So Pat and I saw the gray momma cat outside so we decided to board up the window right away under the assumption that momma cat was the only cat living up there now. We soon learned that there was still a kitten up there. The kitten let us know. Pat wanted to starve the kitten out and then eventually, when we opened the garage door, it would run out. I pretended to object on the grounds that I didn't want to be kept awake all night by the kitten. Which is true, but I actually objected on the grounds that I didn't want to have a hand in a kitten imprisoned and starving. So I opened the window and whispered to the cat "Okay, dude. I did you a solid. Now do me a solid and let me sleep at night."
Not a peep last night.
My living space changed yesterday. One of the industrial shelves I have my inventory on started to buckle under the weight. And these are the heavy duty plastic ones. So I had to unload the whole thing and go buy another shelving unit. Had to move all my shelves and rearrange and make room. But now I've got even more shelf space and the room looks a little more complete.
The county fair was great. It was a new experience for me. It rained just enough to keep the crowds away but not enough to make the day unpleasant. I took Moriah and Faith on the ferris wheel. It was terribly rickety and I kept telling myself that the odds were in my favor that one of those county fair ride accidents wouldn't happen to me.
We went in the haunted house and all the nieces got to go on pony rides. Three of them got to go on an elephant ride.
I rode the mechanical bull. Got sore but it was real fun. There was also chocolate funnel cake with Belgian creme. And a marionette version of Thumbelina. And a petting zoo with farm animals.
The county fair up here is like a real county fair. The one in Orange County is a big old commercial. Butte County's is a place where you can actually have a good time for not too much money.
So, there's some highlights of the week.