Saturday, May 15, 2004

First, some mysteries are solved. I was on the trampoline with the nieces when I saw something by the shed. It was Poster Nutbag and she was nursing four kittens. Two of them were colored like Poster and two of them were colored like the charcoal cat with the game leg that I had assumed was the one who lived above me.
I tried to keep the girls attention away from there but Moriah saw them and yelled and that was the end of that. The rest of the afternoon was keeping the girls away from the kittens.
Actually, in retrospect, it's kind of good that they saw the kittens. It keeps Pat from getting rid of them in ways that I would consider savage. Now he's accountable to the girls when the kittens go away. They'll probably either get good homes or get dropped off at the Neighborhood Church, the church we don't like.
So, I figured that the cats making so much noise at night above me were same cats. Climbing in at night through the broken window in the garage. So I put a board over the window right away.
Last night we watched a terrible film (I've three up for review. A good film that I liked, a bad film that I liked, and a bad film that I disliked a lot. The latter was what we watched last night. So stay tuned for that review.) After the movie I came out here and it sounded like the devil was above my ceiling. Frantic scratching and clawing.
I feared the worst. I feared possums.
I went out and knocked the wood off the window. The scratching stopped soon after.
This morning there was more scratching so I went out to take a look. Climb up on a ladder and look at the loft above my ceiling. But as soon as I opened the door, up on the rafter above my room was a new grey cat that I'd never seen before. And behind her were three kittens.
You see, I live in the poor side of Chico and ours is the only yard without a dog in it. So we're a great place to raise kittens.
In a week or two the kittens above me should be big enough to climb out on their own. Then we'll get the window replaced and I can sleep without ear plugs again.

Today I bought new clothes. Pumped beaucoup bucks into the local economy. I never buy new clothes and today I bought like a whole week's worth of clothes. It felt actually kind of shameful. But I'm getting used to it now and I kind of enjoyed laying out my new outfit for tomorrow.
Pat and I went in on some used dumbbells. 25 and 35 pounds. Two of each. For when we can't get to the gym. Pat dropped one on his thumb and thought he'd broken it. But as the day went on it seemed to get better.
I didn't get any walking in or any exercise at all for that matter today. It's been months since I've had a day like that.
I barbequed dinner. Chicken is very hard to barbeque correctly. That's today's lesson. Then I treated us to three pints of Ben and Jerry's, hand packed from the scoop shop.
Not bad for a Saturday

Thursday, May 13, 2004

All the fauna around here aren't cute and awe inspiring though. There's something here in Chico that I'd never encountered in Orange County. It's called an earwig. There are many. They are legion.
They look like a cross between a roach and a termite. I'm assured that they only go after plants, which is good because that means they don't bite or carry disease or eat my food. It's bad because they eat my plants.
They're ugly as sin. Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel is the book I usually go to for household advice. It doesn't address earwigs specifically. It says that like beasties will flee from two quarts of boiled water mixed with two pounds of alum painted all over your walls. I don't think I could do that if I wanted to. But it also says that cotton swabs soaked in pennyroyal might make them leave.
Then there are the skeeters. We live near Bidwell Creek and we get many. So far my Venus Flytrap has been useless. Hasn't caught bug #1.
Good thing there are so many spiders about.
I wasn't really going anywhere with this. But this morning I went to do my laundry and an earwig poured out of my laundry bag with my clothes and disappeared into the washing machine with them. I figure he met a watery grave. I'm an animal lover, but like most humans there is one type of animal that I feel better when they're not around and there's one type of animal that I'm downright afraid of.
I feel better when there are no roaches around. I don't like roaches. And I sing praises everytime I see an earwig because it reminds me that there are no roaches in my home.
I'm afraid of possums.
I'm reading Captain Samuels' book and he talks about weevily bread in it. And just typing that made me think I probably should have been blogging about that instead of yapping on about bugs. I'll write about the Captain Samuels book very soon. That's exciting stuff.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It turned out to be a nice day in spite of the vast lack of sleep. Went to bed too late, Rufus (the cat who lives in the ceiling) made lots of varied noise, the nieces fought over their bicycles outside my window about a half an hour before I'd meant to get up. But then I got up, had some chai, and got going.
I'm reading Captain Samuels' book right now. "From The Forecastle to the Cabin." More on that soon. I got to sit out in the sun in the quiet morning for a while and read. Wednesdays are my slow days right now. My slow day seems to move about the week at its own free will.
I did have seven books to package for tomorrow. Business is surprisingly good for this time of year.
When the nieces came home from the gym, Moriah gave me a painting of her creation of a heart for my wall. It's nice because my walls are on the black and white side. Nice to have some color. The painting looks something like an actual heart and there is text above and below it that reads "You Thank." I put it right over my bed.
Took a three hour walk and saw another deer. This time it was a four point buck and it crossed the road about thirty feet ahead of me.
Had some stir fry. Nice day.

Monday, May 10, 2004

The skies have opened.
And me in my shorts and birkies.
So I was made wet.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

There's a cat that lives above me. It's gray with a game leg and it limps around. I've seen it around and I've seen it in the loft above where I live. Right above my bed but with a ceiling between us. And I've heard it meowing. Sometimes at night I've heard it scratching. Sometimes it's even sounded like there's more than one cat up there. Which isn't so strange. What is strange, and the reason I'm commenting on it, is that I swear to you that sometimes that cat puts on heavy shoes and stomps around up there