Monday, December 13, 2004


As a yearly service to who ever reads this crap I write, I like to give suggestions on how you can do good with your holiday dollar instead of perpetuating evil.
Everyone should give, sure. We all know that. We should all give our money to good causes until we worry a little about how we're going to eat and pay our phone bills. For money is something you throw off the back of trains. Remember that.
Instead of giving money to people on the streets who will probably just spend it on consumer crap, why not give your money to groups that do good things. There are groups out there that do great work, the kind of work you'd like to do or the kind of work you benefit from.
What better time to give your money away to groups than the holiday season. I guess. Anyway, if you don't know what to give somebody for Christmas (or whatever holiday you give things to people) these charities also offer cards saying you made a donation in somebody's name. I love doing that. People like learning that a blind person in a third world country is going to see because of them a lot more than they'd like to get a fleece pullover.

Circle of Life needs money right now.

Here's some others I like.

New York Rob is always telling people to give to the ACLU. I never have myself, but I see his point, times being what they are so...

If anyone else has any suggestions out there (and if I like the suggestions) write me and I'll post them.

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