Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I feel I should probably say a few words about what just went on in our country. And I figured I'd do it over here rather than on the LiveJournal because this is my world events outlet.
First of all, let me say that I haven't read any official lefty spin on the election yet, so I might say some "wrong" things. But I'm just talking from my gut and how I'm reacting to it, in hopes of possibly comforting some out there who are having a really hard time today.
Last night, at about 11 when it looked like Kerry was about to pull through and win, I turned to my brother and said, "You know, no matter who wins this election, nobody really wins. The one thing these results are showing me is that we're a harshly divided nation."
Pat, my brother, said "You know, I was thinking today that there is always going to be a two party system in America. You know why? Because it's easy. It's simple. You go and say, `I'm a Democrat' and you vote for whoever is a democrat and that's the extent of what you're called upon to do."
I'm not sure I completely agree with him on that, on the fact that it's always going to be that way, but I thought it was at least worth mentioning because it makes a decent point.
I won't say much here about how evil Bush is, how wronged we are, how much damage we're doing in the eyes of other countries and so on. I'm not going to weep and tear at my hair. I will say that I'm really sad that we're going to have four more years of bloodshed. I'm sad that we're going to have issues with our liberties being limited, our money losing value and going to the wrong people, and I'm especially frightened over what's to become of environmental concerns in our country. I'm afraid of the young adults 20 years from now who are the products of the education system of today. I'm going to miss my public radio and public television and the arts in general. I'm sorry for all of my homosexual friends and how this election, specifically many smaller elections throughout the states, basically was a platform for a nasty group to say "I hate you." A lot of people (me included) have made the fleeing to Canada joke today, but in reality I'd be scared to travel in even our friendliest allied countries right now.
In California there's a small movement in the idiot community to get the law changed so that Arnold Schwarzenegger can run for president next election. I think somebody out there should get a petition going to pass a law to keep Ralph Nader from being able to run for president next election. I won't do it, but I think it's a funny idea. Right now we need all the funny ideas we can get.
I'm not going to live in sorrow or fear because of this election though. Kerry was never my hope and the fact that he let me down doesn't change my feelings at all. Rather I suppose the American people let me down, but I don't feel let down because I didn't trust them to make a good decision to begin with.
Look, in 1974 Nixon resigned from the office of president, tarnishing the face of the republican party and, indeed, the office of the president for nearly a decade to come. That gives me hope. But what really gives me hope above anything, and I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning it on my blog, is that our onling friend Sedge had his first child, a daughter come into the world yesterday. Her name is Summer. News like this, events like this in life, are where I draw my hope from. And all the politicians in the world can go to hell.
Be strong.
I think it's a good indication of just how much we can do within the idiom of politics and how much we can't. As for me, I recommend that the people, all of us broken people out there, begin to proliferate our temporary autonomous zones. It's time to make our alternative realities physical. The message, as I see it, is that it's time to change the world in the ways we can.
Be strong.
Be strong.

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