Friday, October 22, 2004

Most of you know as far as book things go I usually play my cards pretty close to my chest. But this time I'm letting you all in on a pretty awesome deal. There's a cool store in LA called Mystery and Imagination that very, in fact surprisingly regularly has really cool, big name authors in to sign things. Bradbury loves the place. Anne McCaffrey was recently there and she never goes anywhere anymore. And then they get a bunch of copies signed of new books by the author and sell them online to people who live far away.
Cool enough. But the cool thing I'm letting you in on is that yesterday Kinky Friedman was in their store. Yeah, I know. As if I don't kick myself enough for moving out of that area. And Kinky dropped off some "Kinky for Governor" bumper stickers and press packs, which they will include while supplies last with the signed copy of his book that you buy. Which is priced pretty much at the normal list price of a new book.
The only, only, only reason I'd even think of letting you in on this is because 1) I'm poor and 2) the next time I get any kind of personal spending money it's going toward Season 4 of Farscape on DVD. So you should feel very lucky and get in on this because frankly I'm a little jealous. Kinky Friedman still rules.

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