Friday, September 10, 2004

A lot of people I read online are up in arms about this dumbshit school. I think it's pretty abysmal too. I've been watching a documentary on Hunter Thompson the last few nights and, having not read the guy in a few years, coming back it's just now hitting me that the American Dream was dead and buried before I was born. This is the second article I've linked to about this Southern school's goth crackdown. In spite of the fact that MTV's myopic picture that got me gritting my teeth into a fine powder, there's two things I wanted to go through. First, 2 or 3 of these kids were fine but 10 or 12 no way? What the hell is that about? And later on, a little black clothing is okay but when they go the whole hog and paint there nails, suddenly "it takes on a sort of dark-side symbolism." This is why I try and avoid absolutes as much as I can. You see how ham-fisted dumb it makes you look to say crap like that? And finally, "And it upsets parents, it upsets kids and it upsets teachers. This is a place to go to school, and to be a kid. And I don't want kids being afraid or nervous. It's a wholesome environment." First of all, another perrenial hobby horse. Parents are always afraid of youth culture. That's every generation speaking. Maybe the fact that people not feeling "comfy" means they should examine what the problem is rather than stomping out a sympton, frusterating the child, and having a few moments of comfiness until the oppression and aggression finally occasions another shooting rampage. And I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS, every moment I was there, felt afraid and nervous when I was in Junior High. Junior High is a "wholesome environment?"

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