Thursday, September 23, 2004

For those of you who live under stones and haven't heard this one yet:

This morning I woke up to KZFR. The DJ was playing Peace Train and, over the opening, was saying "Look out for this guy. You never know what he's up to."
To which I laughed at the little joke. The DJ also said the nice part of the story in which Cat Stevens said that the security guards were happy because they all got autographs.
But there's also this now:

I too seem to be in the growing ranks ashamed to be an American at the moment. I remember after Columbine when kids were being suspended and sent to the district psychiatrist when they wrote something like "I hate my teacher" or "I want to kill Billy." I wrote much worse things when I was in school. And then I look at how much worse it's gotten on a national level. And I think to myself, Mark Twain finally got it right at the end of his life.

Boy. I should probably go have some fun now or something.

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