Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Two things:

The other night, when we had the faucet in the backyard break and shoot water like a hydrant and we had to have the emergency plumber out, we tried to fix it on our own first. My brother tried and failed to turn the water off. My stupid contribution was I figured since the faucet was on the same line as the sprinklers, if I turned off the water to the sprinklers the water to the faucet would stop. I don't know why I thought that would work. Even worse I had no idea how to turn the water to the sprinklers off so I just got in there and started turning knobs.
We fixed the faucet and now the sprinklers seem to want to run, instead of forty minutes after dark, for about four hours during the middle of the day. So we just turned off the sprinklers until we figure out how to fix what I did.


I'm totally helpless as to what a six year old niece wants. It was Faithy's birthday yesterday. She turned six. There's a party on Saturday and today I went to the toy store to find her a present. I wandered the pink aisles realizing I was way out of my realm of knowledge. So I called Pat and he said, "Just get her something with a horse. Anything with a horse."

Like so much of life, sometimes things are much much simpler than we make them inside our heads.

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