Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So I went in and changed the comments thingee so now anyone can post a comment. You don't have to have a blog. Anybody can. Anybody. Bueller.
I found this because I was reading some of the Live Journals that I read (I really only do about six hours of actual work a day. Sometimes less. You would too.) I don't care about the emotional cartoony thing, but I would kind of like the feature where you can write what you're listening to when you're writing. I found that blogger didn't have it but they did have a way to let anyone comment. So there you go.
I see from the recent comments that I was right about the Carnival of Souls remake. I'm hard pressed to think of a good remake of anything. Ever.
I have to keep this short. I've got some minor work of pushing books around and a story to edit before I have to go start marinading some tempeh for a recipe. Then I'm spending the afternoon on a mad quest for liquorice Altoids. I read that they exist, but haven't been able to find them in Chico yet. They do sell them online on the Altoid website though (http://www.altoids.com) in case there's a secret admirer or (NPI) sugar daddy who wants to send me a box or eight.

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