Thursday, August 12, 2004

My day actually wasn't half as bad as I expected. It was quite pleasant. After my usual morning work and lunch I walked to get some more books for inventory. It wasn't mind-numbingly hot. It was sweaty hot, but not too bad.My personalized, autographed Caitlin Kiernan book with accompanying original art arrived today. That perked me right up.The jeep (one of Pat's family's two cars) broke down at the mall, so Pat and I went to try and fix it. Between Pat and I we've got all the knowledge that our father instilled in us on how to fix a car. We know doodly squat. So we called Don who figured it out right quick.I had some really thick lentil soup for dinner (I need to get over my fear of water in my soups. My soup rabies.) I went to the Farmer's Market again. That was neat. Then I drove far out past Durham for no good reason aside from seeing what was out there under the pretense of finding thrift stores and libraries in Durham. It's quite a lovely drive out there, especially right after sundown when there are large fires going on. It looks like an area where Nick Cave songs happen.

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