Monday, August 09, 2004

My brother and I like to joke that I'm on "The Fat Guy Diet." We call it that because I was reading Dr. Andrew Weil's 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Pat said that Dr. Weil always looks fat to him. I said it's probably because of the beard (if you have no idea what I'm going on about, try I'm sure there's a picture of him there somewhere.) But I admit that Dr. Weil seems to have a simular body type to mine. Not fat, but certainly robust.
I usually wouldn't read anything by anybody who has ever been on Oprah, but when I started going vegetarian I realized that I didn't know some simple, very important things. Things like how to get protein and how to structure a meal around something besides meat. I tried PETA's vegetarian starter kit but it doesn't really tell you much and, my only critique of PETA, they like to use negative examples. There were a lot of things on how milk is bad for you and how you already get too much protein anyway. So I went to Dr. Weil.
Longtime readers know that I had awful, constant, painful hives for 2 years many many years ago. Doctors did nothing but giggle at my pain and take money from my insurance company (back when I had the great privledge of being able to visit a doctor when I was sick. Ho ho.) I took a lot of Benedryl, about three times the recommended dosage, until I had a nervous breakdown (for a variety of reasons, but the drugs were a hefty contributor.) Then I read Dr. Weil's suggestions on hives and it cured me quickly and permanently.
But reading his book I understand the Oprah thing. Optimum health is for the rich and I feel poorer every day. Hey hey hey. He wants you to buy all kinds of expensive crap.
But there are some good recipies and I got out of it what I needed. I learned how to get protein (here's a hint: learn to really like nut products.) But I'm not really on The Fat Guy Diet. I can't afford The Fat Guy Diet.
Boy, this was a dead end of a topic. Fun talking about though.

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