Sunday, August 01, 2004

It's been a few days away and I see from my last posting that many of you probably just assumed I became horribly ill. And you were fine about that and didn't feel the need to check in on me.
Actually I didn't get sick. At least not yet and I still don't expect to (fingee crossee.)
So now I have some catching up to do. Part of why I haven't posted in the past few days is that my writer's block has shattered like an osteoporotic hip on an icy cement staircase. I've been editing, I'm working on a story idea that owes everything to Rob in New York, and I've got a bigger project perculating in the back of my head that I won't say anything else about because it's still a zygote of an idea. But it's for a very large scale project. That's all I'll say.
Yesterday was a blue moon. I burned a lot of peppermint oil. That's because I don't know many good established rituals so I like to make up my own.
I have a film to recommend that I won't review because I have no idea how I would. It's called Russian Ark. It's a 90 minute film that is one continuous shot so you get the sense of a theatrical production or a painting from it. I also got the sense of walking around the place with my real eyes rather than cinematic eyes. It drove the critics nuts, which is another good point for this movie. I won't go into what I got from it because I don't want to taint anything for anybody out there. But it was like nothing I've ever seen and really heartbreakingly beautiful. I can't recommend it highly enough. It was for rent here in Chico so you shouldn't have too big of a problem finding it.
By the way, I've found another way to describe how big of a town Chico is. Chico is big enough that Coffee and Cigarettes came through town but small enough that I had to go to three different stores yesterday to find ricotta cheese. What kind of a messed up place do I live in?
Plus I've got over a hundred more books in stock in the past four days. So I've been keeping busy. Keeping off the streets. Don't worry about me. Don't feel like you need to check in on me.

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