Monday, August 23, 2004

In spite of my ascetic lifestyle and rebuking of blind consumption, I still fall prey to moments of seeing things that make me wish I had a lot more money to throw around.

One time I was stage managing The Creation, which was a medieval mystery play. I always had Tazo's mint tea (which is by far my favorite mint tea. I've never been able to make a tastier mint tea on my own) brewing for the actors. One day I sent my long-suffering assitant stage manager out to get some more tea before the rehearsal. She was a practical minded "techie" who didn't cotton to theatrical exercises and crying and past life regressions to make good theater. She was into the techincal.
She protested that it was a silly, inconsequential details.
I told her that the silly details are never inconsequential. They're the most important elements to theater and life.
They all thought I was mad. But now I've shown them who's mad!

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