Sunday, August 01, 2004

I promised my recipe for the best hot weather beverage ever. Here we go.

Best Hot Weather Beverage Ever

1 lemon, pretty big
1 finger of ginger root
about 15 tablespoons of sugar more or less
1/3 cup of water in microwave safe bowl
1 bottle of fizzy water (I use carbonated mineral water but regular carbonated water
works just fine. Don't use soda or I'll never speak to you again.)
And get out your garlic press and a cutting knife

Quick! Put the sugar in the bowl of water. Put it in the microwave for like a minute until the sugar dissolves into the water. Then stick that mofo in the freezer while you do some other stuff.
Get your glasses. Make them big ones. This should probably fill two glasses which is nice if you're in love with somebody. I'm a lonely selfish bastard so I just make myself two glasses. I dream of the hot, sticky day I'll have somebody to share this beverage with.
Cut the lemon into 4ths. Squeeze two 4ths into each glass. Watch out for seeds.
This should yield about four or five tablespoons of lemon juice.
Take the finger of ginger root. Peel it with the knife. You might want to get a grown up to help you with this part. Then cut it into small pieces. Stick the pieces in your garlic press. Make sure you washed out the garlic press really well since the last time you made ricotta pasta sauce. Press the ginger juice into the glasses. I like a lot of ginger in mine. Some people might like less than I do. Like I said I just don't know.
Stir the holy crap out of it.
Get the sugar water out of the freezer. Pour 1/2 into each glass.
Stir the holy crap out of it again.
Then fill the rest of the glasses with carbonated mineral water and ice (but mainly carbonated mineral water. You don't want it going flat on you halfway through.)
Sit on your porch in your rocking chair with your rifle across your lap and drink it.
Thank me.

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