Friday, August 06, 2004

Here's the news of the past two days from my life.

Last night I went to the Farmer's market downtown. I'd been meaning to go since I moved up here but I usually got distracted by shiny objects and that would be the rest of my evening. Plus I always figured that it'd be pickup trucks lined up with figs and oranges in crates and, while that's pretty cool, I couldn't work myself up to going.
There was about a block of farmers with figs and whatnot. Then there were like five blocks of political tables, people juggling motorcycles, lamb on a stick, and booths of jewelry that sold for $50 a piece but you could make at home with some strings and uncooked pasta.
I went to see the Hiroshima exhibit put on by the Chico Peace and Justice Center (whose work I love in spite of the fact that they still haven't put me on their email list even though I've signed up for it like four times already.) It was really hard to get through that exhibit, but I forced myself because I think more people should force themselves to look at such things.

This morning I woke up early. Pat and I went to the Enloe Hospital Volunteer used book sale. It wasn't terribly big, but I got some great things by being the first guy there. I was amazed to find, among the same mystery and horror authors I see at every used book sale, a Brion Gysin book. That was the coolest find of the day. I'm selling it for $28.75 if anyone's interested. You should be interested. It's freakin' Brion Gysin. It's The Process, his novel.
There was also some Kerouac, a book on William Penn, and some other good finds. I'm kind of overstocked in inventory right now. I need to calm down and stop buying for a while before my shelves start buckling again.

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