Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yesterday was also full of stuff. I got about two hours of sleep because it was in the upper 90's in this room all that night. I finally fell asleep on the floor under the window where there was the slightest hint of a breeze.
Pat and I went to work out at sunrise. It was chest and arms yesterday so we were in the weight room. I saw a machine that I told Pat I couldn't possibly imagine what one would do on it. He told me that it was a strange kind of rowing machine and he showed me how to use it. Then he told me that he'd buy me chai if I could do six reps on it. We were both a little surprised when I did because there was 200 pounds on the machine. It was good chai and boy do my arms ache this morning.
We got home and I think I finally managed to convince Andi to keep her parents from bringing McDonald's food to my nieces every Saturday morning. All it took was describing Super Size Me to Pat.
We have a dumpster in our driveway this weekend for several yard projects we were going to do yesterday. I thought it was a poorly chosen weekend for it but that didn't turn out to be the major problem. The major problem turned out that the dumpster was less than half as big as it needed to be for the amount of stuff we were putting in it (all going to the dump and all things that I'd rather didn't go to the dump like tree clippings. But not my place to say.)
There was a skate ramp on the side of the house since we've been here. The wood is rotten to the point where you can't stand on the thing, much less skate. My job was wrecking crew on that thing. That took up most of the daylight hours.
The only other thing worth mentioning is that Andi found a syringe with a rubber band around it in our yard by the fence of our junkie neighbors. I guess they either ditched it when the raid on the house happened the other day or they were just too dumb as a bag of soap junkies that they coulndn't keep track of their syringes. Pat called the sherriff and Andi gathered the girls and told them never to touch one of those and get mom right away if they saw one. The sherriff couldn't do anything about it really except take it (it was haz mat after all and would be an even worse thing to take to the dump.) I wore closed-toe shoes the rest of they day.
Anyhow, I'm way behind on my film reviews but I bet it'll go another day. I bet I'll have a holiday to report on tonight.

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