Sunday, July 04, 2004

We ate too much. A large group from Pat's church came over and we had a big barbeque. Lots of food. I restrained myself more than I used to. I didn't get to sides bulging, waddling fullness. I got to I just ate a large meal fullness. Much wiser.
We walked down to the park where an even larger group from the church had gathered on a grassy hill. No one talked to me.
I did think a little about independance today. I'm sure a lot of people go all day without thinking of freedom and independance. I thought about how I'm free to be as strange as I please and how I haven't been lately. And why. And how that's going to change. I also thought about how I'm probably going back to the Quaker church after I come back from Orange County. And I thought about a lot of things that I won't go into because we're not going to overintellectualize on this holiday.
When the sun set the kids who were all running around on the grass bought glow sticks from a peddler and suddenly the grassy area in front of me looked like a Residents or Laurie Anderson show.
The fireworks were neat. The ones from the fairgrounds were very nice, clean and flashy. The many illegal ones in the park were crappy but gave the evening a kind of pagan feeling for me. Small groups huddled around strange flashing colors and smoke. That's how I like my Forth. I was listening to Sousa earlier and it really started to annoy me after a while. Now I'm listening to the Shinjuku Thief album The Witch Haven, which is just perfect to me. Although I probably couldn't have listened to it earlier because I think this album doesn't even play in daylight hours.
And now that I've made a esoteric joke for one or two people out there, I bid you happy burnings.

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