Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Oh and there's news in my life. I should probably go over some of that instead of making this a place for silly thoughts and silly movie reviews.

On second thought...

No, here's the news.
Yesterday was Abi's birthday. I got her a Cinderella doll that has technology kind like what I seem to think are called Neopets. It's a weird, Duplo-style plastic doll that talks to you when you talk to it. She had a Hello Kitty birthday (boy, this is going to make fun things happen to the ad banner at the top of my blog.) Pat and Andi got a pool for the kids. Well, for all of us really. It's just big enough for an adult to swim around in, but also can be deflated in the winter. It's got a cover so when we wake up in the morning we don't have to fish out the squirrel corpses.

And the other news:
When I was a kid, we used to sing a song in Sunday School that went kind of like this:
"The church is not a meow meow
The church is not the steeple
The church is not a resting place
The church is the people.
I am the church.
You are the church.
We are the church together.
All the party people
All around the world
Yes, we're the church together."

Obviously I've forgotten a few of the correct lyrics and filled them in on my own. But when I think back on that song and get to the line "The church is the people" I always think, "Well, there's the problem right there."
I'm going to the Quaker meeting now and I'm really happy with it. Content with my decision. If I were a smart man I would have gone there all along. The Quakers and I line up with doctrine, liturgy and politics better than any other major church I know of. Even better than the Discordians.
The problem is that having gone to the church where my brother is a pastor for a few months, I seem to have been right on the cusp of being asked to volunteer for many things. While Pat and I have come to terms with my decision, people from his church keep coming up to me and telling me about upcoming meetings and so on. I know I'm going to have to, at some point, tell somebody at Pat's church that I'm changing churches. But I don't want to. I just want to stop showing up and let people let it go at that. Unfortunately I don't think it works like that. So the news here is that something that seems simple and positive to me could possibly become quite delicate.
It really comes down to my brother. I love him very much and I don't want anything I do to make his life unpleasant.

I'm overthinking. I'm worrying needlessly. Just writing this made me realize that. There's nothing here to worry about. And if it all comes down to Pat I should probably just ask him how I should handle switching churches.

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