Thursday, July 15, 2004

My folks, whose house I'm staying at while I'm here in case you didn't know, both stayed home today. Mom's tests were today and she was not doing well with not having eaten for a day.
I left around noon to go to the library. First I filled my tires. It turned out my alignment isn't off. I've just got leaky tires.
Got some books. I stopped at my old childhood punk record store and my old comic book store. Neither had anything I was interested in so I decided that tomorrow I'm going to go to Ipso Facto. It's one place I always try and stop by when I'm in OC even though it's a long drive through some of the ugliest traffic areas (Disney) in OC to get there. I'm going to hope against hope that they have a Nicki Jaine t-shirt. As far as I know she doesn't have one printed, but all day today I wore a faded to near grey Faith and the Muse t-shirt that I bought at Ipso Facto like four years ago that Faith and the Muse had no hand in the production of. It's one of those kinds of cool stores. Don't get them busted.
I saw Lycia at Ipso Facto back in the early '90's. They used to have shows in the small room in the back.
I took a long walk today. Then I went to the park and read until Mom called. Good news is they didn't find anything wrong with her. Bad news is that means more tests. Good news is they started with the most grueling test, so it's all uphill from here.
I went to see Charles, Phish, Yod and Jessica. We went out for Thai food. Really good thai food. I had the spinach dish with some rice with a great soy and ginger sauce. We had a good long talk. Then ice cream. Then back to their place to try and find tattoo ideas for me on the internet. I think Phish is going to tweak a few images for me to get something original. Nifty.

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