Monday, July 05, 2004

It's hotter than the hinges of Hell. I'm kind of surprised to report that I'm actually starting to get used to it though. It is hard to shelve lots of books in this heat. Also the humidity is beginning to worry me. Too much humidity can be bad for books. I was told it's all dry heat up here because we're so far inland. Now I'm told it's like this for a few weeks in the summer.

And that's part of the strange, mystical powers that heat holds over people. When it gets hot enough, all people are able to talk about is how hot it is.

I was going to go to the Centerville cemetary today (finally) but my playdate hasn't called me back. I may have to go up there alone this week with some paper and a pencil to do rubbings to tack on my wall.

Preparing for the trip to OC next weekend. I've been figuring out food for the drive. I bought a jug of Chico Chai at the co-op this morning to try it out. I'd heard about it on KZFR which is the NPRish station in town. I don't think it's actually NPR because it's not the station that plays Garrison Keillor. KZFR is the one that plays folk music in the mornings and goth/industrial at midnight (albiet much heavier on the industrial.) If you're in town check them out on 90.1.
Oh yeah. Chico Chai. Well there are all these little organic food growers, makers, and sellers in town (we're working on a GMO-free county initiative) and one of them decided that Big Train and the other bottled or canned chai makers use way too much processed sugar in their chai. So there came to be Chico Chai, which is a Chai syrup that you mix with milk type product, heat and then roll around on the floor with joy. It's great to have a co-op where you can go and talk with healthy minded people about really first circuit imprint subjects. The guy at the store, who looked like he'd rinsed off after crawling out of the mud at a Dead concert, assured me that Chico Chai is the bomb.
"Indeed." I said, "But I should like to know if it is diggity dank."

It suddenly hit me, reading over that last line, that I should probably stop goofing off and get back to work.

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