Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I spent the whole day packing. Well, mostly anyway. Actually I probably spent most of the day reading, looking for my Weird Al DVD that I'd forgotten to take up with me, making Boca Sausages, petting Boingo, and generally farting around. Somewhere in there I got the car packed too. And packed tight! It turned out to be a momumental good thing that Dr. O went back early. I wouldn't have been able to get as many books in if he hadn't.
Having said that about 1/4th of the car is packed with presents for my nieces from my Mom, Grandmother and Aunt.
I'll have a few pictures from the trip to upload when I get back to Chico. ETA is around 10:00 tomorrow night. The plan is to leave before but near 10:00 am, take a long dinner in San Francisco with Dr. O, and then make the rest of the drive on the tail end of SF traffic.
Tonight Mom and I went to the Thai place again because I didn't get my favorite drink the last time. My favorite drink there is the fresh young coconut. They cut a wedge out of the top of the cocynut and you drink the juice and scrape out the flesh.
Nissa called and I turned down seeing her.
Mom got called into work because of a bizarre story about a resident at their retirement home being kidnapped for $100,000 ransom (many rich elderly people live there.) Turns out she was on a cruise and just fine, but she's been giving large amounts of money to really shady people and they tried a really savage tactic to get much more money out of her family. I hear a lot of sad stories of the elderly giving lots of money to the shady and nothing but misery coming out of it. But this was a new one on the retirement home. It was their first fake kidnapping.
But I'm all set. I've got the cds, a couple more books, and my toothbrush to throw in a bag tomorrow morning and then I'm off quickly for a long day of sitting and making a car move.

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