Saturday, July 17, 2004

I spent the day with Mom. I got my haircut. The sides and back aren't as short as I would have liked, but it's a good style that I can do many things with. Or nothing at all.
I helped Mom pump loads of money into the local economy. We went to Trader Joe's and made it so I won't have to buy groceries for like two weeks after I get back. We went to a major department store because Quaker Gardens (the retirement home where Mom works) gives Mom huge gift cards every few months in a move that seems to me like hush money. But that's a whole different story. With the cards, Quaker Gardens gave me a brand new fan, Lost in Translation on DVD and an awesome DVD set that includes the 1931 Lugosi Dracula (with the Kronos Quartet providing music as opposed to the copy I already had which was the original musicless version), the spanish version of the same year (which I've wanted to see for years. I've heard it's a better film with a worse actor as Dracula,) Dracula's Daughter, Son of Dracula, and House of Dracula. They also had simular sets of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, but I had to go with the one with the spanish Dracula.
We went to the mall and saw Mr. Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz was my high school drama teacher my freshman year who kind of got me going down the creative path I went down. He got me transferred to Huntington High for the performing arts school. I was a favorite of his and he was a favorite of mine. We lost touch after high school but now, after a series of odd events, he's the general manager of the mall. It was good to see him and it seemed like both he and I wished we could have hung out longer and caught up.
Mom got lots of presents for the nieces. A princess dress for Abi's birthday, some toys, and so forth.
I also got Amelie and Run Lola Run on DVD. Then to the art supply warehouse. I bought myself a Drinky Crow action figure. The action is that he drinks from a jug and his eyes can be changed into X's.
Then we went out for Thai food.
So, Mom probably spent on me today about what I make in a month. She was happy though and we had a lot of fun too. We came home and watched some movies.

Tomorrow, as I promised Pat, I'm going to church at the old Quaker church where we grew up and where there's so much bad blood between my Mom and the church. I'm sure I'll get into that tomorrow.
Instagon tomorrow night.
The book deal is almost done. It'll close on Monday.
That night comes the tattoo. Phish designed it for me and it's almost perfect. All I want is to get the leg a little longer and it'll be perfect.
Dr. O is going back early on his own to see the Magnetic Fields (envy has turned me a lovely emerald.) So I'm probably driving back on Thursday, alone, instead of Tuesday with Dr. O.
Tuesday Mom has off.
Wednesday I'm picking up two more boxes of books from my grandmother (this really is a working vacation.) So that's how the next few days are looking as of right now.

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