Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I have important emails to answer and so on but they're going to wait until morning because I've got a few things I need to vomit out of my skull.
I decided to walk to the Chico Cemetary and do some rubbings of tombstones. I stopped by a thrift store and bought some books for inventory and a tie dye button down shirt (not a print either. A white cotton button down shirt that somebody tie dyed in red and yellow.)
It was gardening and watering day at the Chico cemetary. Not ideal for rubbings at all at all. So I made a mental note to come back on a day that didn't happen to be a Wednesday.
I stopped by Chico Natural Foods and got the ingredients to make the best summer beverage ever. I'll try and remember to post the recipie tomorrow.
I made hummous. Then I went to Cafe Flo for some tea. They had two people there performing. One played jazz acoustic guitar and a lady sang. It was nice. At one point I was the only person there listening. I wrote a poem (finally chipping my way out of the writer's block) which I won't post because it sparked an idea that I might turn into a play.
I came home and found that Pat's wife Andi had broken the hose faucet that's about ten feet away from where I sit, right by our backyard fence. Andi called Pat, but he was at work because they have church on Wednesday nights. Water was pouring out of the hole in the pipe quickly.
Pat came home and we called two plumbers, one professional and one a friend. The friend did all the work but I'm sure the professional will ask for all the money. The professional plumber looked like Mike Ditka.
Pat and I talked some while waiting for the plumbers. Yeah, I'm going to have to talk to one guy at Pat's church tomorrow morning. He mentioned a video ministry to me a while ago and Pat says the guy's planning on buying equipment tomorrow. So I've got to call in the morning and tell the guy that I'm not going back to the church, which will probably lead into all sorts of uncomfortable conversation.

You know, I never meant to grow up. And if I remember correctly I never really wanted to.

But don't let's end on an unhappy note. One of the nice things about the evening's events is that we're all hyperaware of how great it is that we've got running water this evening. There was some doubt at one time. Makes one realize how much one takes for granted.

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