Thursday, July 08, 2004

C'mon, people! Buy more books. Or, more importantly, read more books!
I've often said that I think that 95% of what we see as problems in our ubiquitous western society would work themselves out if 95% of our population became avid book readers. Our cities would be much nicer if we had a used bookstore in walking distance pretty much where ever you go. People would pick up their trash, help old ladies across the street, and stop beating each other with tire irons on the streets in the middle of the day. Arts would flourish, information would flow, people would discuss instead of bullheadedly argue their point of view, and problems would be worked out. We'd be more focused on progress than unchecked growth. Education would be funded and the now rampant bad teachers would be muscled out of tenure in an "adjust or self-destruct" atmosphere.
I'm 27 years old and I already feel like this is going to be a life long hobby horse for me. The kind of thing that people will bring up to me if they want to see me get comically passionate about an issue. It's a perennial problem.
That's why I'm doing what I'm doing for a living. I'm a humanitarian (he said and chuckled gently into his sleeve.)
Denmark has 100% literacy and everyone I know who's ever been to Denmark say it's one of the most beautiful and pleasant countries in the world. This is what we call a propaganda sentence because Australia also has 100% literacy and they're being overrun by right-wing thugs (so my point is what's happening to us can happen to a literate society too.) Vatican City also has 100% literacy and they've got some really great art. See, I can site examples and make believe that A has something to do with B.
I'm deconstructing my own argument. How messed up is that? What an irresponsible bookseller I am.
Anyway, don't be dumb cause dumb is bad. Smart is better than dumb. Go buy a used book on Alibris and read it.

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