Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The drive was a lot easier with Dr. Oblivious along. He slept a good deal of the way, but it's still easier when there's somebody with you. Plus I had two significant breaks from driving. So even though it was 12 hours of driving, it wasn't so bad.
I've spent the main part of my time here pricing the library I'm buying. I finished this morning. It's a small library, four boxes, but some great religion books.
Monday I saw Charles for a short amount of time. Monday night I got a call from Pat. He'd found a copy of my poetry chap book when he was feeding my fish. He read it and found the link to this blog in the back. Then he says he went and read the whole thing. I was impressed. He wanted to apologize for pressuring me into things I might not want to get into.
I tried really hard to fight the temptation to go over my blog and see what he'd read. I failed. Looking back over the past year and a half, I found that the only thing I'm sorry he saw was the fact that I was feeding the stray cats when I first moved to Chico. I myself was sorry to see how messed up and stupid I seem to have been around last Christmas. I said a lot of things back then that made me cringe reading it now. I don't know what was up with me. I'm glad I got better.
Please don't go back and reread last December now.
Also on Monday I went for a very slow walk with my mother. There's something physically wrong with my mother. She's going in for tests on Thursday. We're all worried.
Yesterday I went to visit Mammy, my maternal grandmother. She seems to be doing very well. I took her to Rutabagorz for lunch.
Today I finished the big pricing job of this trip. Then I went to the library, got some books, walked around a park.
So tomorrow is Mom's test and I'm supposed to see Charles and Phish probably. Friday Dad goes hunting so I imagine the weekend will be a lot of shopping with my mom unless she's not up to it. I may take my car into the shop on Monday to make sure it's good to make the trip back, but maybe not. There's nothing to indicate it's not (except that the alignment might be off a bit.) Monday or Tuesday I'm going with Dad to get my tattoo. Tuesday Mom took the day off of work to spend with me. As soon as that's done I might go right back up that night. Drive all night. That'll be largely up to Dr. O who is also riding back with me.
Anyway, I'll be back in Chico sometime between early Wednesday and early Thursday.

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