Thursday, July 29, 2004

1) Everyone is sick here except me. I think I know what that means.
Actually, the nieces are all getting over some sickness that children get and adults do not where they throw up a lot and get what look like hives all over them.
Pat's on a brutal weight training schedual. He has been for seven months. That's seven months of super-pushing his body. The weight training that he's on calls for one week completely off at this point on the routine. I suspect that his body is just in shock and that he's not virally sick. He's achy, slept all day, has a small fever.
Andi's got a major headache.
So I may or may not be sick soon. I'm guessing not but I may be surprised. I took my echinacea, ate heap loads of habanero sauce with my rice at dinner to the point where Pat asked ME if I was okay (I turned lovely burgundy,) and I'm planning on sitting around the rest of the night.

2) The phone call to the church guy was uncomfortable. But it's over now and I'm beholden to no one. Now I can go and be a Quaker and no one can say boo about it.

3) I went to Bidwell Park today. It's the first time I've done my three hour walk since I've been back and golly did I ever feel it. I picked the wrong shoes too. I walked three hours in my flip flops. I did get to meet a friendly laborador though. And I also got to see the swim area of the creek that runs through the park almost completely dried up.

And that's the news for the day.

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