Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ugh. It is hot.

I've started drinking tap water because I was walking home from the store with my two gallon bottles of water the other day and I did a little math. I also figured that everybody in Chico swears by how pure the tap water is. Still tastes funny to me though. But if I don't get horribly ill I suppose I'll save a lot of money.
The good news is that the cockeyed heat is getting me to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I put ice in my gallon bottle each hour and just swig on it. The ice melts in seconds. I'm thinking about going down to the major chain hardware store and getting a "Boiler Room" sign for my door. I might do that. I don't mind spending money when it's for something funny.
It doesn't get hot like this in Orange County or at least not in the part I come from. Not that close to the ocean. And certainly not in June. I told Charles that when I go down to Orange County in July I'm going to bottle up a jar of ocean water and bring it back up here to take smells of when I need to. Like bottling dandelion wine for the winter.

Sorry to vent so much about the weather. I'd say "Get used to it" but I'll really try and restrain myself.


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