Saturday, June 19, 2004

Today a group of us went on a hike in Deer Creek. Deer Creek is about a forty minute drive in some direction from here. Then there's a three mile hike in hilly regions to get to some falls.
We hiked out there. It was an easy hike for me, but I was told that it was considered a "Moderate" level hike by hiking standards. But then I walk everywhere.
The falls were nice and it wasn't long before three of us guys went in the ice cold water. The extreme temperature wasn't so bad as far as I was concerned. The bad part was how hard it is to stay standing on mossy, underwater rocks. But fun was had and my skin turned bright pink for the hike back.
I came back here and watched the next movie up for review and hold on to your hats. It's going to be a good one.
And I'm house sitting for my brother again. So, instead of being alone in my little, Paul sized, two room house, I'm all alone in my little, Paul sized, two room house and my brother's large family of six sized house. The nice part is that they left many cookies. The scary part is that they left me in charge of the fish again and since one died on my watch the last time they went out of town, I'm really hoping another doesn't kick it when they're gone. I'll look sinister.
But it's nice to sit and read in the quiet house.


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