Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I suppose the big secret can now be reveiled. My brother quit his job at the Jesus Center and now works as a pastor. The reason he was sworn to secrecy was that somebody lost their job because of it.
This really doesn't mean much of a change for me I guess. He's making a little more money now, so I guess we'll have less stew for dinner. And the good news for me is that now he can work out with me as late as 7:45 in the morning! Which gives me much more sleep on workout days. But other than that, it's not really much to me. Except that it's really cool to see him doing something that makes him happy. My job makes me happy. Jobs should make people happy.

I got a package from my folks today that contained (among other things) some old Iraqi money with Saddam's face on it. He didn't look happy, but he looked proud.

The heat is supposed to break tomorrow. It's supposed to go down to the lower 90's tomorrow. Everyone laughs when I say that but we all seem to agree that it'll be a vast and noticable improvement.
On the way back from the post office this morning I stopped in at Chico Natural Foods and bought myself a cold strawberry lemonade. Drinking that on my hot walk home was blis


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