Monday, June 14, 2004

1) Film review ammendment the first:


The great thing about this film is that it's a romantic comedy that actually pulls off a lucid and fresh study of human relationships. So few ever try that. On top of that, it also discusses how humans react to life in general, how we imprint on likes and dislikes, our idiosynracies. In doing so it becomes somewhat of a celebration and in doing that it becomes highly entertaining.

There's your actual review of the film in a nut shell.

2) Film review ammendment the second:


Plus, if you get the DVD of this film, you also get to see what has become my favorite music video. That title was long held by Tom Waits' I Don't Want To Grow Up video.

3) I had a talk with Poster Nutbag today. I apologized for trapping the kittens. I explained that any kitten found in the garage spends a night in the box.
Poster didn't seem to care. She's tired from raising four of her kittens and one that she adopted after it got evicted from the garage. The kittens have moved on now to other parts of the neighborhood.
The good news is that Poster seems to be hanging around now. She's very mellow. She'll sit right next to me when I'm reading alone (she still makes herself scarce when the nieces are around and I don't blame her. I often do as well.) But she still wont let me pet her.

4) The heat has begun and I'm told it's only going to spike from here. It's in the upper 90's right now (10:36pm by my clock.)

5) The long kept surprise news can be told on Wednesday. So stay tuned for that


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