Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Yeah, I'm still here. Tomorrow is going to be devoted to resting myself as much as humanly possible. Yesterday I put about $2000 worth of inventory online. Today I put a smaller amount online but I did a lot of work around the house because I don't know how to sit still. Rhino. Tomorrow I'm going to do very little because I worked so hard the past two days and because if this lung thing gets any worse I'm screwed. No medical insurance, you see.
Oh, how about some highlights from the huge stack on Monday? There was a book autographed by Admiral Byrd back when he was Commander Byrd. There was a gorgeous leatherbound french geography book from 1817. There was a law clerk's manual from 1795. There was a 1907 children's book that had some character in it named Maggie and the book was inscribed from the author to the girl on whom the character was based. So, some cool stuff has come in lately.
I'm working on getting more info on Mr. Spreckels. Sit tight. I'll post it as I learn it.
Oh, and I'm going to have a new DVD review soon. So, more to come while I wrassle my lungs away from bad humours.


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