Thursday, January 08, 2004

Well, I didn't listen to any Elvis today. I like Elvis. Elvis actually had a great deal to do with me getting over Nissa breaking up with me. I know how that sounds, but it's true. About a week afterward I was still pretty slammed so I went out and got the Elvis #1 collection. I moaned along with Heartbreak Hotel and Don't, but soon I was skipping those tracks and shouting along with Wooden Heart, Burning Love, and Way Down. Elvis. Is there anything he can't do?
I'm not an Elvis fanatic. I just appreciate the man's work. I try not to be an anything fanatic. I like to have a life outside of all of my entertainment. Or maybe I just like to spread my rich fantasy life out. Anyway, Elvis is a valuable resource and the inspiration for Bubba-HoTep which was the best film of last year no matter what anybody says.
But I did listen to the forty minute Midnight Hour that Pigpen sings on Fallout from the Phil Zone in rememberance of Bill Graham. I listened while I boxed many many books.
I took a walk around sunset and that was the only point when my lungs got a little ornery. Otherwise I'm about 90% better. At last.
I did get to Mother's and I did get some bubblebath for National Bubble Bath day. It's expensive stuff. Six bucks for a bottle. I didn't want to go to a regular store and get the corporate bubble bath because I didn't want to sit in a chemical bath. So I got something some hippies in Marin bottle and ship around the coast. It's lavender and some bubbling agent and so on. Granola bubble bath.
But what I'm really listening to right now is Jonatha Brooke and her early band The Story. If you haven't heard her work you're really missing out. She's a great songwriter. The Story is a little more fun than her solo work, but they're both good.
Also you should get music by The Flash Girls and The Poxy Boggards. Get The Poxy Boggards before you get anybody else. They're the best band I've run across in many years. And Solomon Burke is really good too. That's all for now.


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