Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Today was Albert Schweitzer's birthday. Schweitzer's name, busts, and pictures were all over Chapman University because Kurt Bergel used to be a professor there, before that was a friend of Schweitzer, and donated a bunch of Schweitzer's personal effects to the school. Most of the other students at Chapman knew nothing about Schweitzer (K.N.A.S. Knows Nothing About Schweitzer.) I knew a little about Schweitzer because I'm a Quaker and he's the kind of person that Quakers talk about a lot. Schweitzer turned his back on a lucrative career as either one of Germany's greatest surgeons or, if he'd chosen, one of the world's greatest authorities and players of the organ works of J.S. Bach. He turned his back to go to Africa and treat people who wouldn't otherwise have had any health care.
The thing that I take most from Schweitzer was his response to how he never spoke out against the Nazis during WWII. The reason he didn't was because during WWI Germany shut down his hospital in Africa and deported him. He kept his political profile low from then on to keep his hospital running. So, at the end of his life in the 1960s when people would comment on it, he'd simply respond "I live my example."

Today I worked my fool butt off. I meant to take it easy this week. I usually end up working harder than ever when I mean to take it easy. There were many many heavy boxes full of books moved to one place, opened, and moved back. Books were carried around and wrapped for shipping.
I may be entering a new era in my business. Business hasn't calmed down since Christmas and it's beginning to occur to me that this may be the pace that I'm selling at now. I have 15 books to ship tomorrow. I could ship two more, but I'm saving them for Friday because I have to ship my Survivor application then anyway.
So, work might be one day of buying and inputting and the next day of shipping.
I did finish the Survivor ap. I just need a copy of my passport and then I send the durned thing. I spent a good hour looking over my video collection to try and figure out what to put as my favorite movie. I have a giant footlocker full of videos with an auxillary box full on top, and a shelf of DVDs. I moved that around a lot, further irritating my back. I was split between The Third Man (possibly not seen by the executives), Monster in a Box (too topical at the moment), The Hudsucker Proxy (again possibly not seen by the executives), and Brazil. I settled on Brazil. There were many other questions I put a lot of thought into, but they didn't require moving heavy boxes.
And I also boxed up some of my personal effects. My back feels like a rubber band streched over too much space. Or like butter spread over too much bread. Sorry. I did think of putting LOTR as my favorite, but it figured too many other people would put that.
So, the good news is that I got a lot done today. More good news is that I'm having the cuffs of my new overalls hemmed so I'll be able to wear them soon. And the good thing about my new overalls is that it's impossible to look serious in them.


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