Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sorry I haven't had much this weekend. I've been purposely staying away from the computer. Not much to report except that while cleaning I came across a treasure trove of audio tapes from my childhood. There's Leonard Nimoy's You Are Not Alone album. There's Iron Butterfly, The Moody Blues (who were my first live concert experience btw,) a Fraggle tape, and several tapes of Farley Mallorous who used to have a radio show called the astrological/metaphysical forecast. I used to listen to him (no pun intended) religously each week.
Couple all of this information with growing up on Pete Seeger and the Guthries and it's easy to see why I'm such a hippie.

The other thing is that Nissa called me today that Ron, one of our favorite professors at Chapman, passed away. I was very sorry to hear that. He was one of the jolliest people I've ever known. He directed a ten minute play that I was in and it was one of the silliest things I was ever involved in. It was about monsters under the bed coming back to torment a grown woman. I played a Frazzle type character who jumped around yelling, "Downsizing! Downsizing!"
He was also the guy who made me submit a script of my one man show before he would allow any talk of schedualing and funding. So, he got me doing the work too.
I watched his cat Oreo when he was travelling once. I went over and made sure the cat had food. He had the largest personal video library I've ever seen and the taste for the strange. Every old B sci-fi film you could think of and more.
He was a very sweet man. He was also intelligent and really wanted you to learn (and not usually the easy way.) Yet another person that the world's a little poorer now that they're gone.


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