Monday, January 26, 2004

Oh, and I wanted to say a few words about the Farley Maloris (that's the correct spelling of his last name) tape I found the other day. I've been listening to it in my car. He talks a lot about where the planets are at the time of the broadcast, which means nothing to me now. He also talks a lot about how he's not getting enough orders to support the radio show, which also means nothing to me now.
But the reason I'm remarking on it is that on this particular episode he wasn't getting any calls so he decided to talk about astrology in general. I'm not much of a follower of astrology. I am not a skeptic, but merely a disinterested party. Rather a no longer interested party. Obviously at one point in my life I was interested enough in it to tape his shows.
But he started talking about the major misconception about astrology. He said that people put way too much importance on one's sun sign. A sun sign is what people respond with when someone asks what their sign is. Farley says the sun sign is only 1/12th of your chart.
He then went through each of the planets and indicated what their significance was (I remember very little save that Saturn has to do with our life's major karma and Neptune had something to do with illumination. That caught my attention.) Exactly where the universe was at our birth has meaning, but the planets in our solar system are the main focus. Stars far away could be charted, but are too far from the natal event to hold much significance. Asteroids could be charted too, but having Toutatis in Aquarius is probably something mundane like ordaining that your second to last toe will be pointy on the bottom.
He goes back a ways to talk about how the universe shifts and conspires to get two people to copulate and have a baby. Then, when the baby is born, the universe is set in a specific place to form the event and sort of measure out the thread of the person's life with the meaning of where their planets lie. Just like Seabrook is in New Hampshire, the moon is in Capricorn, except that the moon is going to move through twelve different "states" (or signs) depending on the time and Seabrook is, if history is any guide, going to stay in New Hampshire.
And in the astrological reality tunnel, all of these gears are turning at all times to create a universal path. You've got your imprinted astrological chart from your birth which determines how you're going to interact with the infinite other astrological charts walking around out there. Also which signs the given planets are in based on your astrological chart versus where they are at the given moment will determine how things are going for you and how you're dealing with them.
I should probably point out that I'm not saying I cotton to all of this nor am I saying I don't. I found it very interesting. I learned a lot about a universal structure I hadn't thought about in years. And no knowledge is wasted.
But what I really learned from this, and what's driven me to remark on it, is that there's a simple accepted norm and then there's the complex structure behind it.
Actually, this reminds me of a conversation I was having with Yod. One looks in a newspaper and sees the astrological forecast. "All Tauruses should deal with their finances right now and get to bed early tonight." It's a load of crap and frankly kind of insulting. I mean I'm a completely different being than any other Taurus on earth. Now Farley, speaking to me through the mists of time, channeled through the medium Memorex, has pointed out to me that astrology agrees with me on that. It's this blanket mentality, this boiling everything down into the stupidest and most general terms that's causing us to fall apart as a civilization. The sooner we stop seeing others as groups to be tolerated and begin to see others as being as complex a life form as ourselves the better.
I like the astrological universe view as Farley laid it out. I'm not sure I'm ready to put a lot of belief in it, but I like it. I like it because it breaks from our society's tendancy to view each of us a cog. Farley's view teaches us that each of us is quite unique and important.
I wish I knew where that cat was today so I could thank him. But since I don't, I pass this experience on to you.


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