Thursday, January 22, 2004

Not much to report today. I meant to package my books for tomorrow and then slack off in the sun and finish the book I'm reading. But I heard that my grandmother had no dinner and while my mother could have taken care of it, my mother hadn't been able to go exercise after work all week. So I took my grandmother some dinner. She was very weak when I got there but gradually gained strength as she ate and we talked.
She told me that one of the nurses at the hospital came into her room and asked her a bunch of questions about illnesses and if she'd ever had them before. Most of them my grandmother had never even heard of. Then the nurse asked, "Are you pregnant?"
"Yes." she replied.
My grandmother is 84 years old. So I guess I've got some of her sense of humor.
She also told me that on the day my aunt was born my grandfather gave up hunting. He'd just been given a new rifle a few months earlier. The day my aunt was born there were five hunters in the hospital who had been shot while hunting. My grandmother said she'd always suspected that my grandfather had had a close call himself. But he never talked about things like that. He rarely talked about unpleasant things. I don't blame him.
When my grandmother ate, I put a table cloth on the tray by her bed. It was a table cloth celebrating the ways of the Pennsylvanian Dutch (which is what my maternal side of the family comes from mainly.) There was a distlefink on the tablecloth. A distlefink is a finch that eats thistles and may or may not exist from the stories I've heard about them. At least they've reached mythic proportions in Pennsylvanian Dutch culture. There was a picture of Faschnachs (sp?) which are donuts. There's a celebration called Faschnach Day that falls on Fat Tuesday every year where the Pennsylvanian Dutch eat many donuts. It's one of my favorite holidays. There was also a picture of a boy speaking to his mother saying, "Would you smear me all over with jam a piece of bread?"
Because that's how we talk.
So I didn't finish my book today. Perhaps tomorrow after my many orders are shipped and I wind down for the sabbath.


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