Sunday, January 11, 2004

Much happenings and goings on. Today is the aArtist Salon, so I figured I should probably catch up on yesterday before I have more to report from today.
Yesterday I went shopping for essentials for Chico. A space heater is essential. I got one of those industrial heavy metal ones. New pants were essential seeing as to all but my organic cotton pants are worn and tired. I also managed to get myself a pair of overalls.
Then my mother and I went to see Big Fish. If I have time I'll write a review later. Briefly I'll say that not only is it Tim Burton's best since Ed Wood (which, you know, looking at what he's done since Ed Wood isn't too big a feat) but also that he seems to have overcome the lion's share of his shortcomings as a director and become quite a craftsman and story teller.
That last sentence was far too long, but we must move forward.
Today I'm going to film my Survivor application video at the aArtist Salon.


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