Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's amazing how much you can wear yourself out in a short amount of time. I spent the day relaxing and doing a good job of it. A good portion of the day was laying on the porch swing with Boingo on my chest while I was trying to read. That went on until I could no longer ignore what a good idea he seemed to have in taking a nap. I took a nice walk and had a big supper.
Then I worked out my arms. I don't think I mentioned before that I got arm weights for Christmas. I asked for them because my legs are a like a Georgia mule from all the walking and lifting I do, but my arms were like a guy what gets sand kicked in his face at the beach, possibly by a Georgia mule. And I've got my lovely leftover stomach as a gift from the old alcoholic Paul five years ago (thanks, Alco-Paul.) I figured that, rather than trying to lose my stomach (which is far too uphill of a battle) I'd just try and bulk up my arms. I figured I'd try and look like John Rhys-Davies in Lord of the Rings instead of John Rhys-Davies in Indiana Jones.
And it's working. My upper body is beginning to bulk. I started out walking with the weights, but I got all self-concious when I'd get to the flapping my arms like a bird part of the exercise. So, now I do it in the comfort of my living room right in front of the window so everybody walking by can see me flapping my arms like a bird anyway.
Where was I going with this?
Oh yes, tired.
So, then I filled another box and sorted out some books from my personal library that may be left behind, some videos I'm going to try and unload on somebody, and which action figures are going with me. Two things occured to me while I was doing this. One was that I'm never going to have enough space for my personal items and my inventory. Two is that I've got way too liberal of a mindset as to what "only the essentials" means.
My brain hurts. I'm going to quit thinking about moving for the night. I'm going to put on a Phish concert and have some tea. Maybe play some Trogdor. Take a bath. Sleep in.

You know, if I get called to be interviewed for Survivor I'm not going up to Chico until all of that's over. I guess my whole point tonight is that I'm trying to keep grinning because I'm finding myself right in the middle of flux.


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