Monday, January 26, 2004

It feels good to get things done one by one that I need to do. Today I got a haircut and took my car into the shop to make sure it's good to go 500+ miles.
It also feels good to work my fool butt off. Record number of orders today.
Also feels good to lay in the sun (sorry to my east coast readers, don't mean to gloat) in the middle of the day with no regrets about giving the sun 40 minutes of my time.
Things are chugging along before the great unknown. I don't know what this move is going to bring. I keep saying that. I'm nervous, but not afraid. It will not surprise me if it works out, nor will it break my heart if it doesn't. Heck, it isn't even going to cost me that much.
But there's really no use in putting much more thought into it at this point. I don't want to wander into the realm of hand wringing. My job is to put books in boxes for the next three weeks. And between now and the move I still have taxes and traffic school. Also neither are things to wring hands over.
There's really nothing to worry about at all. I'm going to die some day and that doesn't even bother me so much. So why should any of this?


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