Thursday, January 29, 2004

I forgot to mention that on the top of my to read pile is the new novel by Alan Moore. That's right, that Alan Moore. He's written a novel and it looks to be right on that psychotically high bar he's set for himself. He's certainly in my top 25 favorite story tellers and I'm really looking forward to it. Gives me a push to finish what I'm reading right now which I haven't spoken of because I've got a big review brewing.

Nissa called today. She had the brilliant solution to the problem I've been trying not to dwell on this week lest I birth anxiety. The problem is how to get enough sleep to go to traffic school on Saturday. I'm usually in bed before one in the morning or by one in the morning and I get up before nine or by nine. Yeah I know. But you'd do the same if you didn't have a time that you had to be at work. I mean, the post office doesn't even open until nine. This is part of why I'm doing what I'm doing.
Anyway. What was I talking about?
Oh yeah. How do I wake up by six a.m. and still have had enough sleep to get through eight hours of grueling boredom in traffic school? Nissa said when she gets up at six she's usually in bed around nine or ten. I said that will not happen. My body wont allow it. Then she suggested that I still have that large package of slippery elm from when I tried to make the tea that Tori Amos drinks. Remember that? I made it in the afternoon and got slammed into a long nap that I didn't want to take and had no idea was coming. Apparently slippery elm has a strong grip on me and I haven't touched it since.
Problem solved.

The news of the night is that there was a fatal accident two blocks from my house, right in the middle of my walk route. A car hit a motorcycle cop and then slammed into a telephone pole. The people in the car died and the cop is in the hospital. It might have been the cop that wrote me a ticket because it was on the same stretch of road. I hope whoever it was is alright. They closed off the whole street for hours and news helicopters circled during the dinner news hour scaring the flying wilheminas out of my cats.

The only other news of the moment is that I'm tanning. Remember how Phish suggested I get some sun to clear up my bronchitis? Well, it worked wonders and now I've got some lovely warmth in my appearance. I'm usually somewhere between Snow White and Gollum this time of year. So that's nice.


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