Monday, January 19, 2004

I don't like to assume that I have bronchitis or even talk about it too much. I resist naming it especially since I don't have any medical insurance so I can't find out what somebody who's supposed to be trained to name things thinks I have. And then I could buy the drugs that they say will help in a bigger leap of blind faith than any religion requires. I'm not in any hurry to try and get medical insurance again.
But everytime I get sick in my lungs I think of Jessi Morris from when I was in Newburg. I think of her because that November I told her about how one of the goth girls I knew in high school told me that every smoker gets bronchitis in December. And every year I smoked I found that to be true. Jessi and I both caught bronchitis and there was little in the Oregon winter to help matters. But I was young and still under my parents' medical insurance. I got a dose of antibiotics for Christmas. Jessi didn't get any medical attention.
I remember I used to say to her what my parents had told me every time I got bronchitis. They told me that you couldn't recover from bronchitis without antibiotics. Jessi didn't care. Part of why I was in love with her was because she was punk rock like that. Eventually she got better, but she went back and forth in her illness until sometime in early March.
I always remember that strange little interlude to a strange little love story. Nowadays I've found that she was closer to correct than I was (albeit most likely by accident.) My parents said a lot of stupid things when I was growing up and for some reason I never asked them what the people from thousands of years before we had antibiotics did.
"All those people got pneumonia and died. See, that's why they're all dead now." And buckity-buckity, off we'd go to the doctor to undermine my immune system.
Now that I don't have medical insurance I always turn to Dr. Weil. I follow him like he's the cult leader that he looks like (dude, go look at a picture of him at I'd help him build a spaceship.) You may laugh, but I had terrible hives for two years. Like Job I was, stricken and in extreme physical discomfort for two years straight. I saw over a dozen doctors and they all said "take benedryl." I had to take a pair of pliers and pull out the three front teeth of one doctor before he'd give me an allergy test to try and find what was causing it. They found out I was allergic to tomatoes and dust. They said, "avoid tomatoes and dust."
Finally I started looking elsewhere. Dr. Weil said that there's a plant extract called Quercetin which is what your body produces normally to keep you from having allergic reactions. When you get hives, it's because your body isn't putting out Quercetin. You can buy Quercetin at any vitamin or holistic store. Also hives could be a vitamin B deficiency. I heard the advice of Dr. Weil and BOOM no more hives.
So in this season of lung sickness, Dr. Weil told me to eat a lot of garlic, don't touch milk, and if I do have bronchitis, I'll be over it by sometime in March. So, there you go. Allergies, lost love, strange unnamed illnesses, and a long rambling story that didn't go anywhere. Aren't you glad you check in on this site?


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