Friday, October 31, 2003

We went on the Haunted Mansion ride after shopping at the new Nightmare Before Christmas store. Actually, my friends did most of the shopping. It was a little too crowded in there for my tastes. So, I people watched from outside by where the Mark Twain goes past.
The Oogie Boogie ride was neat. It wasn't terribly different from the last time I went to the revamped (no pun intended) Haunted Mansion.
We also went to Pirates. Charles and I went to see Abraham Lincoln (which they've changed quite a bit. Lincoln gave me an order to keep living!) We crossed over and went on the one where you fly over a big movie screen of California and they spray orange and pine in your face. That was neat too.
They got me home just in time to make it to the post office for another slew of outgoing orders.
I'm starting to feel some wear. I think I might have overdone it this week. I worked my fool butt off and now I'm getting the sinus pressure and worn out feeling. I didn't sleep well last night because I was all excited about Disneyland. I dreamed that I had an allergic reaction where my nose turned blood red and swelled up (probably because I was sleeping with a headfull of The Ick.) Then I dreamed that Nissa was at Disneyland with us wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas shirt, but it was kind of fake because my shirt fit her.
The funniest moment of trick or treaters was when a large group came on the porch and, in turning to go, one of the girls knocked the coyote skull off the shelf where I keep the cat food. "Uh, I'll get that." says I.
Well, it's starting to rain with some zest, so I should check the books and make sure there are no leaks. Then I should turn my alarm clock off.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Simular to yesterday. More books. My father was released from work tonight so I went and made my folks dinner. Elk burgers and my own special guacamole. He has to go back tomorrow, but the fires have been contained enough for him to sleep in his own bed tonight.
Tomorrow I go to Disneyland with Charles, Phish and possibly Jessica. They scored free tickets (look at me going to Disneyland twice in one year.) We're mainly going to see the new Nightmare ride, but will probably see Abraham Lincoln yap at us too.
You know, if Disney were cool, instead of focused on profits, they would have created a "Disneyland Museum" type park. They'd have the old People Mover, Mission to Mars, America Sings, The Swiss Family Robinson tree house, and so on. Then they could put as many of their flashy new rides in Disneyland proper as they wish. And marshmallows like me could go walk down the nostaligic road.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

40 more books in today. I found another person's Christmas present (I'm now finished shopping for three of my tribe) and also gave myself the present of a "Complete Poems of Robert Frost" which will look good next to the "Collected Poetry of W.H. Auden" that I scored the other day. But I decided to kick my work back into high today because sales have gone through the roof. Meaning the more I get into inventory in the next week or two, the more I'll sell in the next month and a half.
I made myself some caribou round steak for dinner. I went for a walk and somebody actually stuck his head out of his window as he drove past and shouted "hippie" at me. It was a strange moment. I've been called "nerd," "freak," and every variation you could ever think of a derogatory term for homosexual. But this was my first "hippie" to be worn in that names-called belt like a jewel.
I was wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt and my birkies.
I actually followed where the truck went, not out of the famous Mathers anger, but out of morbid curiosity to see what kind of a man, or hormonally unbalanced woman, would shout out his window as he drove past and what kind of a man actually thought that was offensive a good 35 years after anybody has any right to be offended by that now meaningless word (once again showing my seemingly endless capacity to ignore what might happen if I actually found what I was looking for.) I didn't find the truck.
It also reminded me of something that Phish was telling me t'other day. She said that a friend came up with the term "Goppie" (pronouced like you have to do #1) for those of us who were goths back in high school and early college and still have a mainly black and white wardrobe, but have granola leanings that can't help but show. Like a paisley slip under a black velvet dress.
I don't think about what I'm wearing much anymore. I used to be a gothy gothy hippo. But when one gets into The Dead (instead of just the dead), t-shirts with Jerry and Pigpen magically appear on one's clothes rack. Now I'm a gothy gothy hippie.
I'll stop now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

A few program notes, corrections and annoucements before we carry on today.
1) Contrary to how posting the last reads, I did not take the step to get out of the relationship I was in. It was her most difficult decision, one made out of love, which made it all the more difficult for both of us. In the long run it pushed me into a healthy stage of my life. But I didn't want to make the false claim that I had jettisoned the relationship for my mental health. Rather I remember tears and begging from my end. And quitting taking a triple dose of Benedryl every night after nearly four years probably had more to do with my anxiety attacks ceasing than any other step.
2) Contrary to what a few postings ago may have implied, I'd rather watch Indiana Jones than Arthur Miller's work any day. Chapman puts on the best plays though and I make the effort to see even the ones by playwrites who, were I to get near their hands, I should like to stamp "Over-rated" on them.
3) The air is still just as bad. Well, maybe not quite as bad. But still unhealthy. Don't let my changing of the subject let you think otherwise. I tried to walk yesterday and today and found that it affected my lungs just like when I was a kid and went to the desert on a holiday weekend and everybody would be riding around on ATVs and dirt bikes.
4) I don't really have manic depression or any reason to assume that I do. That was just one of those old habits I have that I'm trying to break. The habit is to exaggerate my phobias and problems. It's a bad habit I picked up from Spalding Gray when I was in high school and all impressionable. The problem is that when you start claiming those things, you start to believe it and become it. Like the Christian Scientists warn us about.
5) I really like the poetry of Michael Bloom. That dude's a gas.

Today I only worked a half day because I've been just lousy with work lately. It's good because my orders are raging. Hand over fist. Which causes me to hustle every day with aquiring new inventory. I'm doing quite well. But today, after my orders shipped and I tweaked a few prices in my existing inventory, I hung up my "book monkey" hat for the afternoon.
I went to visit with Charles. Then I made a dinner of turkey sausage, alfredo pasta, asparagus and chocolate chip cookies. Part of the reason these fires suck is that I can't exercise right here at the beginning of cookie baking season. I've been observing cookie baking season religiously this year. Of course, the main reason these fires suck is that 16 people have died, hundreds are homeless and tens to hundreds of thousands of trees are gone.
My father is called into work for the next 72 hours. He's the computer troubleshooter for LA County Fire. And there's trouble to be shot. The north part of the county is ablaze. So, here he's gonna be at work for the next 72 hours and I took half the day off today.
I also carved the pumpkin tonight. Many of you know that I grew my own pumpkin this year (for the second year in a row.) It's been sitting on the porch for a month and it still had much more water inside than I've ever seen in a store bought pumpkin. So, those store bought pumpkins were probably picked at least two months before you stick a PumpkinCutter into it.
This year I decided to let somebody else do the thinking for me and made the face of Marshie from Homestar Runner ( on my pumpkin.

Monday, October 27, 2003

It was my grandmother's 84th birthday today. I told her that she's older than the pope. She came over this morning and I made french toast for her.
I spent the day working on inputting books.
Tonight at the Liquid Den reading I saw Mindy. I see Mindy about once every six months, sometimes less. It's alway great and never for long enough.
She reminded me about how I used to have anxiety attacks in my early twenties. Every once and a while I get worried that I don't have the manic depression or something. You'll recall that I had some sort anxiety attacks around a year ago. But I'm not going to worry about it because since then I've taken steps away from all of that. I'm exercising, I quit my job to pursue something I love, I stopped taking pills and uppers of any kind, to be honest (although I don't want to site this as part of my cure, I have to for honesty's sake) I'm out of the relationship I was in, and I'm working on a positive mental space. Being more like Jerry sans heroin. The counseling helped a lot too. Helped me realize how to get from where I was to where I am.
More on this soon, I'm sure.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The actor's name was Oliver Reed. The internet tells me that he died in 1999. His grave is in Ireland in view of his favorite pub. He left $20,000 to the pub when he died to cover the cost of his post-funeral celebration.
It got worse. The sky was red and ash rained. I went to the non-picketed grocery store this morning with a paper towel over my face when I was outdoors. I spent the whole rest of the day in the house and not moving around a whole lot. I'm really not used to doing that.
Went around with Charles, Phish, Yod and Jessica tonight.

You ever watch a movie and see a character actor in a bit part that you can't put your finger on where you've seen them before and it bugs you for about twenty minutes until you remember? And then you wonder what you missed in the previous twenty minutes while you were thinking? Well, that happened to me with Gladiator. The cat that owns all of the gladiators, I knew I'd seen him a hundred times before, also played Vulcan in Baron Munchausen. So there.