Saturday, September 20, 2003

Sorry it's been a few days again, but they've been amazingly packed. Here's a recap:

Jonathan Isaac Mathers was born on Thursday. His head weighed as much as his body. The doctors were astounded when he nursed. He only did it but once and is now being fed through a tube in his nose. They don't expect him to live over three days. My brother and his wife are taking the baby home tomorrow if it survives.

I wrote two new poems, both of which are awesome and both of which would have been the perfect end to my chapbook. Damn my efficient hide. I'm thinking about photocopying them and inserting them into the chapbooks. But I ain't gonna post them here because I'm going to use them both at my reading. That is to say my featured poetry reading which happens this Monday at the Liquid Den on Warner Street in Huntington Beach ( in case any of you in Blogland want to come and see the show. Which you all should. It starts around 9 pm and my chapbook will be available for sale for the first time ever. There's also an open reading and another feature by Lady Jessica. They have Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap at the Liquid Den. Even though I don't drink anymore, I know it's good because that's the kind of beer I use when I cook a pot of the best chili in the state.

The Dead were unbelievable. I think our show was better than about 95% of the shows I've heard from the last 12 years of Garcia's life. Joan Osborne's performance made me a fan. They ended with "I Bid You Goodnight" which is high on my list of songs I've always wanted to hear live in person.

Today, Phish and I made sock puppets for a presentation that Charles is giving in a class this week.

Also I had a macho video borrowing experience at the library on friday. I'm watching Night of the Hunter, The Wild Bunch, and Public Enemy (with James Cagney, not with `911 is a Joke')

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Today I did something that I haven't done for over five years. I ate a pizza.
Five years ago I ate a pizza and went to the hospital with an extreme allergic reaction to tomatos. And I love tomatos. But I haven't been able to eat them for five years in fear of death. And I still can't.
Today I ate a whole pizza with no tomato sauce on it. It has cheese and pears on it.
It was a personal sized pizza, so don't worry.
I also bought a bunch of books at the library for inventory. Lots of westerns today.
My folks are in Chico. Andi goes into surgery tomorrow about four hours after I usually go to sleep.
I also splurged today and got myself the new Sandman collection, which just came out today. Sandman: Endless Nights is one of the best things I've read in a while.
Tomorrow I see The Dead.

Monday, September 15, 2003

The chapbook of my best poems of the past five months which I've been laboring over for... well, for the past five months, is now printed. They sit on the table right now. They're beautiful. Precious. My precious.
Anyway, they go on sale next monday at my reading (co-featured with Lady Jessica) at the Liquid Den in Huntington Beach. Everyone should come out and see it. For those of you afar who cannot attend, you can order a copy. They are five dollar a piece with let's say a dollar for shipping. You can order one at the address above ( which is the RPM Books business email address.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Today I had a Moxie. It's a cola that has kind of a cough syrup taste in a good way. It's got gentian root in it. It claims to be an elixer. It's the type of thing that was sold 100 years ago to cure insomnia, restore vigor, banish dropsy, and so forth. It's got caffiene in it, but I drank it anyway. So, I got a lot done today.
I got my vast video library into the footlocker and safely stowed behind my door and my vast Neil Gaiman collection got the shelf space that that afforded.
After a marathon editing session this morning, I'm pretty much ready to put my chapbook to the presses. I'll take it up to the copy place tomorrow and, if cost permits, print up 50 of them.
I also got the wildflowers planted. My mother took me to the grocery store and we also looked in a Halloween store which had nothing interesting. Like five years ago I'd drop two hundred on Halloween decorations to decorate my room for the rest of the year. No more, and not just because I don't have the money. Now I'm seeing the interesting elements of the holiday disappearing more and more each year.
I also sold, amoung many others, an Elvis book this weekend.
You know, with the chapbook thing, when I get my store front I'm going to give self published poets some shelf space. Maybe publish a few myself in a very small press capacity. Like Ferlinghetti.