Friday, September 05, 2003

I won! I've been trying to reignite the part of me that loves life even in the harshest of times. Today my grandmother and aunt came over. And when they left, I was still enjoying life.
I also boxed the letter B in my inventory.
And sweated a whole lot. And walked a whole lot. I walked a letter to Nissa to the mail box. Then I took a half an hour walk with my mom. Then I went to the corporate bookstore by my house and realized that I couldn't anything there and anyway they didn't have the new Nick Cave novel. So, I walked around the whole shopping center.
This weekend will probably mark the first leg of scraping together my chap book.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The best thing for an upset stomach is to fast. So, I spent the day hungry and hot.
Since I'm saving my shipping for tomorrow, I gave myself the project of maximizing the space in my room. So, I worked all day and pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Whee!
But the room looks great and the sense of accomplishment is always great. And I've got like three times as much room as I had before.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My stomach is unhappy. I think I'm eating too much or too heavy at dinner. When I'm on my own, I eat soy and organic and veggie things. But when I eat with my folks, they eat like Germans. Lots of heavy meats with breads. Tonight I've got a tummy like Bugsy, our red cat. Tender.
I got a call from Nissa today while getting inventory at the library. It's always great to hear from her. She's very busy. She's been turned on to Jeff Buckley by a friend out there, so that's good. They're taking down tents most of the time. She also does meditations far beyond what I do and with much more complex spiritual connotations. My meditations are pretty much like a Quaker meeting where you sit in silence for an hour and then you're done. Then you go have snacks. She's doing all kinds of great stuff.
She also wanted to know how I'm doing and seemed pleased to hear that things have turned for the better in the past few days.
I also wrote a short story. I wrote it last night and edited it today. I think it's one of the better things I've written. I don't know if I'll post it or not because it's long. Maybe I will.

Monday, September 01, 2003

This won't be in the chapbook because it doesn't fit thematically:

When I woke up, many months ago, all exits were bricked up. I've tried it all. There's no escape. The suits locked me in here because I was too dangerous. I knew too much about their crooked practices and how they fired a thousand employees to make the place fully automated. Two with one stone, like one of their fortune strips. Nobody paid to work here. 100% profit. And they silence me by locking me in until they're sure I'm dead. My teeth and hair are falling out from malnutrition. I have running sores on my legs. My flesh burns when I move like sandpaper. I can barely walk straight and I fear falling would shatter my hip. So I write my little notes and wait for my rescue and eat what comes off the line to dull the stomach pangs. Why don't they come? Thousands must have seen my message by now: "Help! I'm trapped inside a fortune cookie factory!"

Sunday, August 31, 2003

First I went to the thrift store. I meant to go to a store and look at birds, but they were closed and I noticed a thrift store open on a Sunday, which is rare. I got a sailor's buttload of books. None were particularly valuable. The most valuable one I priced at thirty dollars. But that alone was more than I paid for the lot of them. Plus I actually found a Hunter Thompson book in a thrift store. That never happens. Which is why I'm carefully avoiding telling where the thrift store is located.
Mom and I went to Trader Joe's and the pet store. We looked at the birds. I got some feeder fish for Toulouse. Nine of them. He's still got two in the tank with him. Only one is still alive.
We had butternut squash pasta for dinner. Then I went to the corporate bookstore to edit down some more poems. I wrote two new ones that might make it in the chapbook. I decided that I won't post them until I get the thing published though, so that all of the poems in the chapbook do not appear on the website. That might make people feel cheated.
I also bought a ticket from Suzanne for her RAINN event. She's a terribly busy person. I'd love a chance to chat with her, but she's got like one free afternoon a week. Reminds me of when I was at Chapman and stage managing. My friends wouldn't see me until the show was over. Of course, I was doing that because I'd quit drinking and I needed a new addiction. Nowadays it's writing and the book business.
Now I'm home. I meant to go see Instagon tonight, but after I bought the ticket I came back home and home is where I stayed.