Saturday, July 12, 2003

All right. I feel like a heel. It's "ghazal!" It's pronounced kind of like "huzzle" (but not really.) I'd only heard about it. The 'G' is silent. I should have looked that up. Now that I have the book I did look it up and felt dumb. But all of that is passed because now I can write a ghazal.
I slept in until 10:30. I think my body is finally over its phase of not getting enough sleep. Worked in the garden for about an hour with the sun beating the sweat out of my pores. I got to harvest a good amount of sunflower seeds to feed the birds with.
Mom and I went to a pond store in Costa Mesa, which took us an hour and a half to find in heavy Newport Blvd traffic on a Saturday. It was a store of things to help you create your own garden pond.
We stopped and got a Coldstone.
I read for several hours. Right before dinner I went into my room to get the poetic forms book and found a great mass of black ants swarming over my foot. They were all over my room and the room next to mine. They climbed in a vent outside. I did something I really hate to do. I sprayed them to death with ant poison in my room. Death from above! And the horrid stench of the poison will probably haunt me all night even though I washed it and the ant corpses up as good as I could.
After dinner and a walk, I got down to writing. I found a form I really enjoy and a form that I have trouble with. The troubling one was the sestina. It's one that I probably won't be able to tell if it's any good or not until tomorrow. The good one was the ritual poem. It goes like this:

Ritual for Getting Over Lost Love
1) Take a picture of your loved one and tape it to a firework. Light it off with as many mutual friends as you can assemble. Serve refreshments.
2) Tear off a piece of a plant near where you live. Call it the piece you've lost. Leave it near the place your loved one lives. Make sure the plant knows what you're doing.
3) Ask the gods if it is time for you to sleep with somebody else. If you don't hear from them, take it as a "yes."
4) When your love has left you, change your hair style after the last time you cry over them.
5) Buy or make a present you know your love would have adored. Leave it in a natural body of water to thank Universe that you might continue on your way.
Two things because it wasn't a terribly remarkable day.
1) I sold more today than I did all of the rest of the week and it was still about half of what I should be making each day. That's okay. I'm building my business and it's the off season besides there being a Depression on and all.

2) Got the poetic forms book. It does not, in fact, tell me how to write a huzzle. But it does tell me a lot of practical information. Look forward to a chant very soon.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Well, the morning was nice. What with the breeze and the bike ride and all.
I went to try and see Dr. Shrinker and have dinner with Nissa and see Othello at Shakespeare Orange County. My car stopped running on the 22 freeway right by the 57 onramp just before rush hour. I tried everything I could figure out to do (checked the radiator, kicked the tires, ect.) Then I called the tow truck guy. He was nice enough, but by my estimation probably on the speed. I know the look. He told me that he'd been working twelve hour shifts for five days.
Mom picked me up from the auto shop after having had one of her worst days at work ever. So she was all venty. She played her Barry White really loud all the way home and drove like a, well, like a person on speed actually.
Then I waited for two hours for Nissa to pick me up to take me to the show. I ain't gonna go into this too much. We had a strained evening to say the least. Let's let it go at that, eh what?
Good note, Reverend. After reliving a king hell day like that, you have to end on a good note. I ordered two books. One is Ron Padgett's book on poetic forms. It's a reference book with examples of all the poetic forms and explaination on how one puts that particular form together. So I can write a huzzle.
The other book was an out of print biography on Tristan Tzara, which usually sells for about forty bucks. I got it for nine. That will be my next read after the Godfather.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Riding my bike to the post office this morning, there was a nice, ocean breeze which is gone now. It's getting easier to make that ride without sweating like a pig at Passover.
But the drivers were for crap today. Some people would say that that's a blanket statement when one notes that people in general seem to be driving crappy on a given day. Actually, my theory is that it takes one or two people in a bad mood or just plain incompetent drivers to be out on the road at just the right time to infect the other drivers with anger, negativity and incompetent driving over an entire city. I know it can happen to me when I'm driving and encounter a poor driver.
This is why I wear a bike helmet when I ride to the post office. I know how it looks, but I recall the night when Sam Phetish got hit by a car when he was in a cross walk and then had to scramble out of its way lest he be run over as it booked off and ran from the scene against a red light. So, remember, kids, an ounce of prevention and an ounce of awareness when biking is much better than two thousand pounds of pain.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I decided to hold off on the post office trip today to see if I get more orders. I got one more order, but that's better than a kick in the teeth.
I watched a good deal of 'Apt Pupil' today. You know, that movie would be like a tenth as good if it weren't for Sir Ian. But I got a good deal through it because I don't want to finish it right before bed tonight.
I went to see Charles. We went to the Huntington Beach Library. I bought a bunch of inventory.
I took a walk with mom and spent the rest of the evening catalogging the books I bought.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

This morning I did a very good job of changing my grandmother's mood to good rather than letting her turn mine sour. Over breakfast, she and I were chatting about how I had thought about going into the ministry at one point. She thought I'd make an excellent pastor and she might be right. Maybe. Anyway, she started on the subject of giving tithes. I know she's vigorously opposed to that practice and will go on at length on what a despicable practice and how can a pastor extort from his congreg... and so on.
So, when I heard her mention tithes, I immediately shifted gears so hard I thought the transmission would go out. I said, "Say, did you know Mitch Miller is still alive? Yeah, I read that he turned ninety-two the other day."
And we had a nice little talk about Mitch.
Because nobody can be unhappy when they're talking about Mitch Miller.

I went to visit Nissa. She made me a God Awesome cd. It's got fhqwhgads on it as well as the Ballad of the Sneak. It's also got a lot of rocking stuff I've never heard of before. We had some fun today and learned some things too. We first went to visit with a cat who works for the arts in Orange County Public schools. Nissa's taking a speech class that's required for her to get her diploma. She's speaking out on funding for the arts across the board and therefore went to this guy as a fountain of practical information on the subject. The biggest surprise, for me and I look forward to using it as ammo in future discussions with others, was finding out that the arts are considered core subjects. That's something they like to misdirect you from when they pull funding from it.
We went to the Gypsy Den for tea because it was right up the street. I saw a really awesome Nick Cave poster in one of the stores that I drooled all over. I also saw some girl pants that caused me to remark to Nissa that I've always wanted a girl who wore those red plaid pants. Probably imprinting from high school when I hung out with all the goths because we all thought I was gay even though I was into girls.
But that's neither here nor there.
We went to a supermarket to get dinner supplies. At one point, she lost her patience and snapped at me. I hadn't done anything wrong. I was just dallying and she was hungry. When she gets tired or hungry she gets a little lashy.
We ate at her place. After dinner, she got a little lethargic and I decided to make my exit.

At home I took a walk by myself. I thought about my day and had a thought that was the first time I'd had a thought like this and is the reason I've gone into such detail in telling you about this day. I thought that Nissa and I might not be best suited to be in a relationship together right now. It's the first time I'd even entertained that notion.

Mom says that Dad was talking to a friend in Wisconsin on the phone tonight and broke up when he tried to tell them about the complications with Pat and Andi's baby. My paternal grandmother's birthday would have been Saturday and Dad had been too busy with work to notice it. I think this is a rough time for him or rather for both of my parents. Actually, for my whole family come to think of it.

But to continue my endeavor to end on a good note, Mom and I shared a whipped Key Lime yogurt this evening. Neither of us had tried it before, but we've been eating yogurt like we're in some kind of a cult for the past few weeks. Key Lime. It's the granpappy of all tasty yogurts.
Reading: The Godfather by Mario Puzo. It's the greatest self help, philosophy book I've read in a long time.
Watching: Touch of Evil (restored version)
Listening To: The Dadaists soundtrack. From the aforementioned play. While you're seeing it, pick up a copy of the soundtrack at intermission. The psycho "Oh Susanna" would be enough on its own, but there's oh so much more.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Really quick recap because it's very late and I must get to my bath.
1) Don't ever allow anybody to give you an article about a schizophrenic when you're eating breakfast. It can screw up your whole morning. It can make you see your own non-existant symptoms and turn the whole morning into a king sized bummer. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be accompanied with peace. Nine times out of ten, if something negative is set in front of me at breakfast, I have a bad day. That one day out of ten is only by clawing my way out of the quagmire of negativity.

2) We've got a baby dove at out bird feeders now. It's so cute.

3) Everybody should go see "The Dadaists" in Los Angeles right now. It's at the Met theater. More later.